Jane is a mother, wife, property market commentator, educator, author, podcaster, and has been awarded Australia’s Mortgage Broker of the Year by Your Investment Property magazine twice.

She started her career as a mining engineer and explosives expert with multiple awards for her pioneering contribution to the industry, including been profiled in the ABC’s Australian Story TV program. Her contribution to the industry has been recognised with her inclusion in the Who’s Who of Australian Women, since its inception and the awarding to the prestigious Churchill Fellowship.

She applied her discipline of risk assessment from her explosive’s expertise to the property market and together with her husband, build her own multi-million-dollar property portfolio and develop low-risk property investment methodologies.

She started Investors Choice Mortgages in 2005 to share her knowledge and assist everyday Australian’s create their own financial security, is founder of Your Property Success online education and author of Your Property Success with Renovation.

Jane is a student of success and has been studying what makes successful humans. From attending Mindvalley University in Estonia to ongoing education in anything from neuromarketing, quantum physics, to participating in a nasal breathing for flow state she is curious and tries and applies before she teaches and educates. She believes that when people achieve financial security they can get on with their true purpose, spend more time with the people they love and create inter-generational change for good. 

And she is helping her community of 30,000+ people live this out with the latest in mindset and success modalities.

Tune in as Jane shares her incredible insights and story.

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