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Bizcovery Session


Price: AU$544.50 (inc. tax)

Are you struggling to achieve business success? Let's work together to identify your obstacles and create a path for you to reach your goals with our Bizcovery Session

This 1hr session will give you the clarity of what is holding you back and preventing you from the business success you desire.

As they say, "Invest Now Or Pay Later".

Let's get cracking on your business and create actionable insights and implementation steps.


What we cover in this 1hr session:

**Discover the Heart of Your Business with Bizcovery**

**Step into the Spotlight:**

Welcome to Bizcovery, where your business dreams get a reality check – in the best way possible. This isn't just about business plans and numbers; it's about digging deep, finding out what really makes you tick, and aligning that with your entrepreneurial vision.

**Your Story, Your Stage:**

Start by sharing your tale – where you are, where you want to go, and the roadblocks you think are in the way. This isn’t just chit-chat; it’s the gold we're mining for. Your vision, your struggles – let’s lay them all out on the table.

**Challenge Accepted:**

Feel like something’s holding you back? You bet we’re going to talk about it. Those challenges you're facing? Let's dissect them, understand why they keep showing up, and what they're really about. It's like detective work, but for your business life.

**Dream a Little Dream:**

Next, we dive into what you really, really want. Not just the "I want a successful business" spiel, but the nitty-gritty of your wildest business dreams. What's your ideal outcome? Let's go deep on this so you are 100% focussed on that goal.

**The Jane Factor:**

Here's where Jane steps in with her x-ray vision for your business soul. She's not just listening; she's hearing what's unsaid, connecting dots from your past, your beliefs, and those patterns you keep dancing to. And she’s not shy about sharing her observations and insights.

**Belief Hunting:**

Get ready to spot those sneaky beliefs and patterns that have been playing hide and seek with your success. Jane's got a knack for sniffing them out and helping you stay alert when they pop up. It’s like having a personal belief bouncer!

**Next Steps, Big Leaps:**

And just when you think it's over, Jane lays out the next steps for your business.

Need a nudge to understand your ideal client? She's got AI prompts for that.

Need a money map to work out how much of what you sell you need to sell to get the income you want? She has a tool for that.

Need an introduction or two? Maybe you need someone who can help you with that website, content strategy, copywriting, and video editing. Yep, Jane is in a number of elite marketing and high-end mentoring groups - she knows people who are the best in their field.

Maybe you need an introduction to a potential client or even a collaborator. She knows lots of people around the Globe. Being in business for over 20 years and having spent the last 10 years in International networking groups there is always a connection she can make.

**Your Business, Reimagined:**

By the end of your Bizcovery session, you won’t just have a clearer picture of your business; you'll have a roadmap to a future where your business and personal beliefs are in harmony, marching to the beat of success. Let's go!

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(inc. tax)

Is something (or someone) holding back your business success?


In 60 mins, we will identify what is blocking your success and craft steps to eliminate the obstacles.


Just turn up, and we will take it from there - no pre-work needed


You may be just starting on your business journey and have a path of DISCOVERY ahead OR

You may already have a business, and you are on a path of REDISCOVERY, connecting to your initial vision and all the energy of those early days, OR

You may be on a path of RECOVERY, needing a new way forward.

In this one-hour session, we will:

  • Gain clarity on what's holding you back from business success
  • Identify patterns and behaviors that are preventing you from achieving your goals
  • Obtain tools and strategies to create or skyrocket your business creation
  • Get personalized insights and advice to take decisive action

You will not just be with an experienced accredited mentor but with one who has created multiple successful companies herself.

So, what is stopping you? Let's get on with it! Your investment now means you won't pay later.

I look forward to learning more about your business plans and jumping in.


PS. This is a sales pitch-free call; we use the dedicated time to focus on your business needs. You walk away with implementable actions and insights.





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