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Summary of Bonus Inclusions



Vision Session defining your ideal life and determining the income to live it


Define your ideal client and determine the services they want and you want to deliver


Client Attraction Program - 6 months free listing on the Genius2U platform and an opportunity to be showcased on the podcast


Ongoing Training in Natural Success tools

Plus lots more!! Including a 50% discount on the Creators Academy Platform
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Isn't it time you got cracking towards the life and business you want?


This 3 month mentoring program is set up as a deep dive into one of your choices to create the bridge between your current reality and the vision of what you would like to create. This is usually done in conjunction with you working with all your choices with a coach in the Natural Success modality.

What will will be your end result?

I have designed this deep dive into a specific choice as an initial 3 month commitment, (of course you can stay for longer for further support and accountability), within this time, we will work on identifying your vision and the steps to achieve it using the Natural Success structure, my network of advisors in all walks of life and my own business experience. Once we identify your ideal client, your offering for the world and how you will present it we get to work.

So why am I qualified to be your mentor?

I have built companies and supported thousands in their plans for wealth creation. I have used my 20+ years of personal property investment experience and building three companies to assist thousands in their journey to financial freedom.

I am a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. I am the founder of 3 companies, I have created an 8 figure property portfolio, won numerous awards for my businesses. I am an advisor to numerous start up companies, I have written a bestselling book on property investment; I have created, not one, but two podcasts; created a community of 30,000+ people; sold millions of dollars of online education courses and workshops and have an incredibly successful mentoring program. For many people who want to create a world wide impact it is hard to find someone who has not just done it but loves creating the same success for others - and who is also one who will hold you accountable to your vision.

I love being involved in creating and supporting founders and their businesses. Every month I personally either have founders practicing their pitches to me or I participate in live pitches. I do this for a number of reasons. Firstly it is purely selfish, I love the energy and enthusiasm of a idea becoming reality. Secondly is also selfish, I just love knowing the latest in business, efficiency, marketing, science, longevity, wellness, mindset and self transformation, and of course investing. Thirdly, I love being on the cutting edge of new tech, services and business ideas. Many of these I introduce to my own businesses or to my mentoring clients businesses. Finally I love connecting with founders and other entrepreneurs, many an opportunity and friendship has developed that way.

It sounds a bit like 'Marsha Marsha Marsha - it is all about Marsha'. I don't share this to impress you but to impress upon you that I get it!

Because I have done it, often the hard way, and I am still doing it. It was only after I started working with mentors myself, that had done it themselves, did I find an easier path.

I want to continue to share my knowledge and bring more creators to the world so they can create intergenerational change for our families, community and planet. I thrive on seeing others succeed.

Working closely with my property investing mentoring clients, I was always interested in their bigger vision. That is, once they removed the condition that they needed financial security first, what could they create? It is those higher visions of their impact businesses that I am 100% invested in helping my cilent's create.

I like to explore what skills and knowledge they bring to truly create an enduring impact when they come from their heart.

This journey is one I am familiar with, as it is mine as well.

I have created financial security for myself and family and friends, but I wanted to do more, serve more, and bring more people to their truth, being about to create what they truly wanted to achieve, their true purpose.

How is The Natural Success Academy integrated into the mentoring?

In 2020, when looking for a modality with effective tools and resources to support my property investing mentorees, I found the Natural Success Academy. Although I could help the nail the investing and finance side, many were struggling with other parts of their lives, going through a career crisis, or family dilemmas. The mentoring started to go beyond creating their financial abundant future.

In fact, I found that 30% of my mentoring clients never ended up buying a property. But what shocked me is that they thanked me for it!

Together, through their mentoring journey, we found what they were truly seeking - their own path to their true nature and purpose, for most this was about a passion project. Rather than creating wealth through investing we worked on their business idea first. We went straight for their vision.

We leap-frogged over those conditions of needing more money or financial freedom first.

It was not until recently that I realised that instead of sending my own book ‘Your Property Success with Renovation, 2 properties 1 reno $1mill in the bank’ to my property investing mentoring students when they signed up, I was sending William’ book ‘The Magicians Way’ . It just sat true to me that the mindset piece always had to be addressed first.

If there was ever a wake-up call as to how I could also serve (with all my skills, networks and knowledge) those who were seeking the clarity of working towards their dream life, then that was it.

It is with joy that I now share this mentoring to support those who are looking for how they can create impact and live their true purpose.

Hey Jane have you mentored before or is this new for you?

I have been mentoring with direct clients since 2018 and I still offer mentoring in the property investing space. The initial Vision process is actually common to both programs.

I have found that the Vision Session identifies quickly if the 'financial abundance through investment' is what is true for my clients or if it is true for them to go directly go for the service or business they would like to create.

After all, those on the Rich List make their money in many ways, but 90% hold and grow their wealth in property and I enjoy offering mentoring to both groups.

So how does it work?

So we kick off the mentoring, with a Vision 2-hr Session. This allows you to define how you will be living Your Dream Life, how much that will cost and establish your current reality and what steps are needed to achieve that lifestyle.

For those who it is true to create a Service or Business , then we jump straight into working out your offering: identifying your ideal client, what they need, your unique experience and skills and the offering you can provide with the Business Clarity Package.

For those who have a choice around a property purchase, home, investment or creating wealth we work on your underlying beliefs, money stories that you are dragging into your current reality and expose how they maybe affecting your creation of the future you want.

Then you just get down to making it happen. It is kind of like having a mindset coach, but one who has also created their own successful businesses, wealth, podcasts, books and courses.

Are you also investing in mentoring?

I have formally had mentors for over 25 years and I am fortunate to be personally mentored by William Whitecloud now. I have found the tools he teaches in his Natural Success and Superconscious courses, and his more advanced curriculum, are perfect for helping people identify and neutralise their limiting beliefs and just go for their heart's desire. It is, therefore, a prerequisite that those who undertake this unique mentoring have been through those courses.

You will be working with someone who has been personally invested in 1:1 mentoring by the best in the business including, world leading performance and online business extraordinaire, Brendon Burchard, legendary online marketer, Dean Jackson, social media, funnel, and video superstar Molly Mahoney, Mark Falzon Australian business builder titan and of course William Whitecloud and many more.

For me the time I have spent personally being mentored by William Whitecloud has taken my intuitive work to the next level. Combined with my marketing and business experience I am so excited to be offering this full mentoring program that I know will be extraordinary for the participants.

When exploring this service I am offering with William, he said:

'Never in all the years I have done this have I ever seen such a self empowerment Meta Myth, where it has something tied to it. They are always meat and potatoes transformation, yours adds Wealth Creation.

Yours is not just personal transformation it is much more, its empowerment.

It is completely unique to what I have ever seen" William Whitecloud

Having a mentor has worked for me over the last 25 years. So I know the power of bypassing the hurdles by having an experienced mentor on your side.

Who else will be in the mentoring?

Within this unique mentoring group, there are those who have have created financial success, a life of abundance but now are looking to find what is true for them in this next chapter.

There are those just starting out, defining how they will make an impact and create a voice that allows them to magnify their genius and sharing it with the world.

There are those who want to create a life of abundance for themselves and their family, not limited by financial considerations. Doing what they want, when they want with who they want.

My vision is to have you part of a mentoring group of like minded visionaries who collaborate and support each other, virtually become advisors and cheerleaders for each others creations. The opportunity to not just share the journey but truly be invested in each others success. This unique blend of 1:1 coaching as well as community will add an extra dimension to the experience giving you the ability to learn from each others journey.

Each have a role to play within the group but whilst they go on their own journey of self discovery and creating an impact with a profitable business with purpose.

This is a supportive and nurturing community, magnifying your exposure to the everyone in the communities collective networks and skills, helping you bring your vision to the world.

This is a high vibe abundant community using the principles and tools of Natural Success to elevate you, and your voice so you live your true purpose and bring your magic to the world.

It is all about clarity, community, collaboration and of course celebrations.

In Summary the mentoring includes:

  • The initial 2hr Vision Session - defining what you would like to achieve and how much you truly need to live the life you want. We define your current personal and financial balance sheet and what do you need to create the life you desire.
  • Then we either work on your Business Clarity Sessions. We will define your ideal client, your offering and service and your next step or for those who have a wealth choice we will dive deep into your money stories and reveal your reoccurring patterns and blockages. I create custom GPT Marketing Assistant for you. We allow a 2hr and a separate 1hr session for this.
  • - From then on we will have 1:1 fortnightly 1hr accountability and support sessions with me to keep you on track and get you focussed on your end result.
  • Monthly you will be invited to a Masterclass. These will go deep on the Natural Success premises. Regularly they will also include presentations from marketing, business experts and entrepreneur's.
  • You also get access to all my courses including Renovate Yourself Renovate Your Wealth and Your Way to Wealth - The Magician's Way
  • You get access to the suite of AI tools and resources built just for BAM members
  • You also get access to my personal Rolodex. Over the last 15 years I have been in many networking groups of elite digital marketers, high ticket speak from the stage, social media rockstars, you name it. I love networking and am an active member of a very diverse group of elite (paid and unpaid) groups. With a unique position in the business world and as a successful entrepreneur I love connecting people and watching collaborations develop.
  • Of course there is also our celebrations! In-person and virtual!

So not only is there multiple opportunities to be involved with support and resources every week with like minded people but you also get 1:1 sessions with me... and so many more delights and surprises along the way!

There is a 3-month minimum commitment required for the mentoring, and the investment is $AUS1850pm+gst and then ongoing month by month for $AUS1250pm+gst. or a 3 month upfront payment for $5500 including GST. Don't let money be a condition to hold you back - very flexible payment plans are available.

For those seeking to become a Natural Success coach, there is a 12month requirement for you to work with a coach, which this mentoring program qualifies you for.

If you are an alumni of my other mentoring program then you have special alumni pricing for access to this program and visa versa.



What past MENTORING alumni say:



"I am so incredibly grateful to you. You have saved me years, so much money, and tech frustration. I am still overwhelmed from our incredible conversation this morning where your genius stepped in and belted my genius with a huge stick. You kept thrashing and thrashing until you belted the (non)sense into me.

Honestly so f&%king grateful
You're the best"



'I was stuck in a place of uncertainty and fear which lead to procrastination and a frustrated little camper (me).

The support of Jane; the direct exposure to other mentorees .... and looking at the root cause of my procrastination helped me put aside the fear and just get on with building a more secure financial future for me and my family."



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