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After working with property investors for over 17 years, I have seen thousands of people achieve amazing results... and others... well, they don't. In 2019 I started working annually with a small group of 10 property investors keen to create financial wealth so they could then get on with the life they wanted to live.

Over the years many have created property portfolios that allowed them to move onto their true purpose and create the lives they want.... but some didn't buy property. But the strange thing was they felt it was the best money they could have spent because we worked on their mindset. This new mindset affected not jusst their financial goals, but all aspects of their lives.

For some they had created conditions they had to meet first before they could get on with what they truly wanted. ie I have to have the family finances secure so I can quit my job and start the business of my dreams or I have to have a good job and go through the ranks till I am 65 and then I can retire.

So I started working with them on these conditions, these underlying beliefs which were not just keeping them back from financial abundance but from what their hearts truly wanted.

All these conditions set up that first had to be done - a life of slavery and servitude in most cases not a life of magically creating the path of the hearts true desires.

Fast forward, just as I did with property investing and business building, I cracked the code.

I found the way to wealth and it is the magicians way. In this recording of a full one day live workshop, held in September 2022, we deep dive into The Magicians Way by William Whitecloud and exploring the secrets to success and how they can help unlock your blockages and creating the wealth, business, life your truly desire. You can watch each of the secrets at your leisure in the comfort of your own home.

In this workshop we explore (in a fun way) the secrets of success. There is even virtual reality involved! Through watching these practical fun exercises you will discover and explore the Seven Secrets to living fully a life of abundance of mind, body and spirit and unleashing your true wealth potential.

This workshop will be revealing in ways you will never imagine.

I can't wait to share this with you.


Psst here is a bonus 8th secret - how you do anything is how you do everything, this course will not just bring insight to your wealth but your whole life.


The online course is now available!


Your Way To Wealth - The Magician's Way



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Renovate Yourself Renovate Your Wealth + Your Way To Wealth - The Magician's Way Combo

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7 Secrets of Success Cards

Combining the photo realistic paintings of Jane's award winning artist husband, Todd Simpson, with the 7 secrets of magic as discussed in the Magicians Way. Each card is accompanied with an exploration of each of the secrets to help you daily hold focus.

7 Secrets of Success (Postcards)



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